About US

Seenen Information Technologies LLC , was founded in the year 2003 and located at the heart of Dubai ,UAE .

Despite all the ongoing security challenges, there are many business opportunities in Iraq. Mr Mansoor Bak the CEO of AL Nabaa Group in Iraq with all the passionate people whose goal was to improve everyone’s life back home through delivering the highest quality high tech products decided to form Seenen in Dubai  .Selecting Dubai to be the hub to rebuild Iraq was due many known reasons including the strategic location and the ideal platform for various business activities, including export, logistics, hospitality, events management, international trading, and more.  The location makes it easily accessible by sea and air to Iraq .

And from here the story started till today   ….

Partnerships :

Most of the multinational brands are based in Dubai and having the official distribution channels for Iraq in UAE not in Iraq due to the challenges .

Seenen Information Technologies in Dubai access to industry-leading vendors such as HP, DELL,ACER , LENOVO, MS, APC, DELL,EATON, CISCO, VMWARE,NETAPP and etc. Benefit from our strong relationships with top vendors, we provided our sister company in Iraq an outstanding portfolio of world-class technology solutions. Events, training workshops and marketing activities were conducted by Seenen in Dubai to facilitate all the business in Iraq via AL NABAA .

Seenen bring the Iraqi people the most reliable IT products and services delivered to Iraq via UAE Dubai . This includes a wide range of Information Technology Services and Products such as  computers, printing , imaging , storage, networking ,data centers , cabling and other infrastructure devices etc

The collaborative efforts and joint ventures between Seenen , AL Nabaa & the Multinational Vendors helped  everyone to benefit and boost the business .